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We do all the paperwork to get you paid for the work you already do.


How it works.



Answer a few questions and upload documents - insurance policies, trusts/estates, pensions, care plans etc. We'll scan our database of hundreds of public, private, and local programs and benefits to maximize your payout.



If you qualify, we do all the paperwork and keep you updated every step of the way. If you don't qualify, but could, we'll tell you how and what to do next.

Every hurdle - we'll jump it for you.



Sit back and watch your Aidaly Card™ balance grow! Access exclusive perks in the community. We'll ping you when new benefits and programs are made available or you become eligible.

Collect and save.

we make it easy to access funds and uncover new financial benefits

The Aidaly Card™ was designed and built by family caregivers just like you. We are experts at maximizing benefits, recouping out of pocket costs, and managing the paperwork so you don't have to be.


Beyond paid.

Sure, the money is important — but we pair that with the people and resources that can really make an impact.

Expert Guidance

Tap into the specialized knowledge of our highly curated team of experts and caregiving coaches.

Kate GraysonJill Johnson-YoungCami WolffEiryn Hernandez

Kate Grayson

Personal Finance

Kate Grayson was diagnosed with Lyme disease in her early 20s upending her life as a strategic planner and becoming a full-time, unemployed patient. She set out to turn her own financial life around, and soon her coaching practice was born from her desire to share her knowledge, tactics, and candid counsel.

Jill Johnson-Young


Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW specializes in grief, loss, dementia, and trauma and is an author and international speaker. Her career includes 10+ years with hospice as a medical social worker; And director of social workers, chaplains, grief staff, and child welfare. 

Cami Wolff


Cami has a passion for teaching tools, techniques and habits to people to help them hone into their own healing and power. Cami attended the National Personal Training Institute, is a Certified Yoga Instructor, she is a graduate of Rollins College and a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Culinary Health. 

Eiryn Hernandez

Physical Activity

Eiryn is a NCSF certified personal trainer and NASM certified nutrition coach. She helps people take ownership of their health through movement, nutrition and mindfulness. She approaches coaching from a holistic point of view and believes in honoring our bodies as they are while working to be where we want to be.

supportive community

Supportive Community

Access a built-in community that understands the realities of caregiving and lends support without judgment.

Educational Content

Utilize a library of content with everything from how to dress a bedsore to how to negotiate medical bills.

Educational content

Lisa's story

"For the first time in over 25 years of caregiving, I feel like I have people behind me, in my corner, ready to support me, give me advice and encouragement."

Lisa, Aidaly User

our mission

Our Mission

We're on a mission to help every family care.

We work with leading insurance plans

We work with leading insurance plans