How To Get Paid as a Family Caregiver in West Virginia

Written by Graham Sayre
December 17, 2022

Summary of Statistics

1.8 million


$2.8 billion

Value of Care
$857 - $1,714
Monthly Rate

If you have ever wondered how to get paid for being a family caregiver in West Virginia, you're in luck. Not only do you have access to the Veteran and federal tax benefits available in all 50 states, but you also have access to other state-specific benefits. 

You should get paid for the work you perform in caring for a loved one. Your work can be compensated via Medicaid programs or others in West Virginia. These programs give the elderly and disabled more options regarding who cares for them and provide the funds to pay their family caregivers. 

How do you get paid for being a family caregiver in West Virginia? That's where we come in. Aidaly is dedicated to helping family caregivers get paid. We help you fill out your applications to determine if you're eligible for payment for the services you provide every day, including: 

  • Hygiene and general care
  • Medical treatment and care
  • Light housekeeping 
  • Transportation and running errands

You may have several options for receiving compensation for family caregiving in West Virginia. Apply first for Medicaid to see if you or your loved one qualifies. If not, there are other programs available.

The Lighthouse Program 

If you're caring for a loved one and Medicaid is not an option, consider The Lighthouse Program. This program allows family caregivers to get paid for doing daily activities for their loved ones who are 60 or older. These duties include housekeeping, meals, and personal care/hygiene. Not all counties support The Lighthouse Program.

The Ron Yost Personal Assistance Services Program 

Another non-Medicaid supported program that may help you get paid for the family caregiving services you provide is the Ron Yost Personal Assistance Services Program. This is a consumer-funded program that assists disabled people for a set amount of time or above a certain age to get help with daily living activities. The applicant must meet certain criteria to qualify. 

Veterans Benefits 

Under the Program for Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers, or PCAFC, you can be paid a monthly stipend for caring for your veteran loved one. The amount varies from state to state, so see if you qualify and how much your stipend could be here

West Virginia has many valuable resources for family caregivers to use so they can get paid for the chores, housekeeping, errands, transportation, and medical care they provide for their loved ones. Our goal is to help you get compensation for what you do and help elderly and disabled people have more freedom to choose who they want to care for them. 

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