Triangle of Health for Family Caregivers

Reviewed by
Dr. Jasmine Bonder

Some days feel longer than others and others pass in a blink. The sacrificial job to care for a loved one comes with challenges and hard work. At Aidaly, we encourage families to care for their mind, body and soul. Together, we can reduce the risk of burnout, stress and encourage longevity of health. What are ways that a caregiver can help reduce the daily friction that occurs from caregiving?


Take a break, take a minute, take a moment. Mindfulness has shown to have great reduction in stress levels. Easy techniques such as deep breathing, or a 5 minute walk has shown a direct reduction of stress and associated symptoms. We encourage our caregivers to practice mindfulness everyday. Prioritizing your mental health can have a positive impact on your physical well being. Encourage your loved one to do the same and make it a habit. One app that may helps remind you to take moments of mindfulness is Calm. Their free subscription can help notify you at different time intervals when to take a break.


It is recommended to get at least 30 minutes of exercise several times a week. This can be completed by going for a walk, hike or even doing yoga at your home. The body can actually relax after a good exercise. Try to incorporate little moments of activity in your day, to eventually have a few minutes every day dedicated to it. At Aidaly, we recommend the 14-week Program by the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability. It gives encouraging videos and insightful written instructions to help promote activity!


I always get asked, “how does one care for their soul?” My instinctual response is: What makes you stop in your tracks and gives you the biggest grin? Or, what gives you peace of mind? That’s a glimmer of love from your soul. We are all familiar with moments that help slow life down, those are worth advocating for! When those moments become more frequent it can change the narrative of the day, week and month. Find those moments, and capture them more often.

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