Cardiac Patient Caregiver Support Group in Michigan

Find support groups for loved ones who care for cardiac patients.

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Supporting a loved one with cardiac issues can be emotionally taxing and overwhelming. Luckily, in Michigan, families don't have to navigate this journey alone. Many support groups exist across the state, providing a safe space for individuals to share experiences, gain insights, and find solace in the company of others facing similar challenges.

  1. Trinity Health Michigan: Trinity offers two groups: 1) Partners in Heart, a program that enables spouses and partners of people with cardiovascular disease to come together in a welcoming setting, and 2) Heart Failure Support Groups, where patients and family members can discuss heart failure and share advice and encouragement. 
  2. McLaren H.E.A.R.T.S. Club: H.E.A.R.T.S. is a free support group for patients and caregivers of patients who are living with chronic heart disease. It’s led by a cardiovascular nurse practitioner trained in disease management and can advise on how to live a rewarding life while successfully managing heart disease.
  3. American Heart Association - Michigan: The AHA hosts support networks across the country, including ones in Southeast Michigan, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo. Additionally, they organize educational events, fundraising activities, and other community events. 
  4. Corewell Health: Formerly known as Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health, Corewell Health is Michigan’s largest health system. They offer the Guiding Hearts Support Group, a free patient-led group aimed at providing education and support for adult cardiac patients and their families.

Support groups play a crucial role in the journey of individuals and families impacted by cardiac issues. Whether seeking emotional support, practical advice, or simply a sense of community, these groups offer a valuable resource for navigating the challenges associated with heart disease. By connecting with others who understand their experiences, individuals can find strength, resilience, and hope in the face of adversity. If you or someone you know is in Michigan and could benefit from the support of such groups, consider reaching out to one of the organizations mentioned above. Remember, you are not alone on this journey.

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