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How Much Do Caregivers Get Paid Per Hour in Florida?

Are you wondering what the average salary is for a caregiver? Here is how much caregivers get paid per hour in Florida.

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Did you know that it can cost over $100,000 a year to house your parent in a nursing home in Florida? Fortunately, you can lower those costs and even make a bit of money by offering the care yourself.

But before you jump into a new career, you may wonder what the average caregiver hourly rate is. Keep reading to learn this and how to get paid to care for an elderly parent with Aidaly here.

Average Caregiver Hourly Wage in Florida

Caregiver wages can vary significantly, even throughout a single state. The average caregiver pay rate across the country is about $14.15 per hour.

In Florida, the hourly rate for a senior caregiver can range from $8 to $20 per hour. Multiple factors can influence how much caregivers make, so keep that in mind before becoming a caregiver.

What Affects Caregiver Wages

Consider the following things that can affect the hourly rate for an elderly companion.

Experience and Certification

First, consider if you have any medical training or certifications. For example, a Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) will make more than someone with no special training.

Similarly, the salary for a caregiver will rise with years of experience. If you're new to the field, you can't expect to make as much as someone who's been in the industry for decades.

Patient Needs

The average caregiver salary also depends on how complex the patient's case is. A patient who only needs help getting out of the house won't need as much assistance as someone who's bed-bound.

Consider if you'll need to help a loved one with medications, bathing, getting dressed, or other tasks. The more work you'll have to do, the more you can typically make.


Caregiver rates of pay can also vary by location within the state of Florida. If you'll be offering Medicare elder care to someone in a city like Miami, you can expect to earn more than someone working in a rural area.

Family care is generally less expensive than hospital care, and you can keep your loved one comfortable. However, you can still earn a decent amount of money to care for your relative.

Agency vs. Individual

Another thing that can affect the hourly rate for a caregiver is how they get the job. If you want to care for someone you know, you can get paid a bit more than if you got a job through an agency.

Most care agencies will take a cut of what the patient or family pays. Meanwhile, if you connect directly with the family or your loved one, you can earn the full caregiver salary.

How to Get Paid to Care for an Elderly Parent

Before learning how to get paid to care for an elderly parent, you may be asking, how much do caregivers get paid per hour? It's a good question, especially before you quit another job for this one.

Consider the average elderly caregiver hourly rate and what can affect your pay rate.

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