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Family caregiving is work. We get you paid for it.

Get paid $20/hr for the work you’re already doing as a family caregiver.

What our members are saying

We’ve helped hundreds of caregivers get paid for the work they’re doing.

"There are no words for how much Aidaly has helped us both. I can spend more time with her; exercising together every day and taking her outside. As a caregiver, we are always taking care of her, but knowing I'm getting paid helps me enjoy my time more with my mom."

-Pam, Aidaly family caregiver

"I gotta give you guys a lot of credit... You're filling a big gap. I can't tell you how many people I've met in my life who have given up their lives for their moms and dads and suffered financially because of it."

-Kathleen, Aidaly family caregiver

“For the first time in over 25 years of caregiving, I feel like I have people behind me, in my corner, ready to support me, give me advice and encouragement.”

-Lisa, Aidaly family caregiver

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How we work in Miami

Whether you're thinking of switching coverage or starting out for the first time, getting paid and supported for your work as a family caregiver is easier than ever.

Already a CNA or Home Health Aide?
Switch to Aidaly to start earning more, plus get a $500 bonus. 
Switch to Aidaly:
Starting at $20/hour
$250 sign on bonus
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Not a current CNA or Home Health Aide?
We got you! We provide free training with easy digital and in-person options to get you trained, hired, and compensated for caring for your loved one.
Start with Aidaly:
Starting at $20/hour
We guide you every step of the way
Free certification and training
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How it Works

Family caregiving designed for you


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To confirm your eligibility, sign up and submit your loved one’s Medicaid information online or over the phone. We’ll take care of the rest.


Unlock the fastest path to getting paid

Our product calculates your fastest route to compensation. If needed, Aidaly covers your training costs. Already certified? We’ll pay you a $250 bonus to switch to Aidaly.


Start earning on Day 1

That’s right–if you qualify, start earning right away. Make $15/hr for the work that you’re already doing, directly deposited into your bank account every two weeks.

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Check your eligibility by filling out this form and a member of our Miami team will reach out to you with next steps.

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Your Miami Care Team

From initial qualification, to your path to getting paid, and after you start earning, our experienced team in Miami is here to walk you through every step of the way. Aidaly was founded by family caregivers who understand your unique needs, and our Miami team knows intimately what you’re going through.

Alexandria Cores
Site Operations Lead

I’m here to help you get through the caregiver process as easily as possible.

Mark Arguelles, RN
Aidaly Care Lead

I believe family caregivers should be compensated for the work they already do for their loved ones at home.

Sandra Buria, RN
Training Instructor

I want to support family caregivers through education. I teach the Aide course offered through Aidaly Studios.