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Five Reasons to Exercise that have Nothing to do with Appearance

There are so many great reasons to exercise beyond how our bodies look. These five non-appearance-related benefits can be a great source of motivation.

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Eiryn Hernandez

There are so many great reasons to exercise beyond how our bodies look. Moving away from appearance and diving into the other amazing reasons can really be a motivating factor, especially because some of these reasons and benefits can be experienced immediately after a workout!

Enhances Mood

Exercise has been proven to enhance your mood and that’s because it helps to release endorphins, the feel good chemicals in your brain. The link between exercise and mood is pretty strong and can be felt during the workout and last for a while after as well.

Reduces Insulin Resistance

Insulin sensitivity refers to how responsive your cells and muscles are to insulin. Exercise makes your cells more sensitive to insulin which can help you reduce insulin resistance and the risk of many diseases, including diabetes.

Improves Brain Health

Exercise has been shown to improve cognitive functions. Improved memory, thinking skills, and sharpness are all benefits of exercising. There are also many studies that have shown exercise to be as effective or more than some antidepressant medications.

Limits Risks Factors for Developing Chronic Conditions

Regularly exercising, 3-4 days a week, can help reduce your risk of chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, many types of cancer, depression and anxiety, and dementia.

Helps You Stay Mobile and Strong

Staying active and partaking in a resistance and strength routine regularly helps you stay mobile and strong for longer. This reduces the rate of bone loss and conserves bone tissue, lowering the risk of fractures at a later age.

These are just five reasons to stay active for a longer and happier life.

Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels

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