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Can Caregivers Get Discounted Prescriptions?

Read more about cost-saving options available for family caregivers on prescription drugs.

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It’s no secret that prescriptions are expensive. But with the right resources, family caregivers can access much-needed discounts.

The high cost of medication and prescription drug costs can be a real burden.

Family caregivers on a fixed budget may feel even more strain than the average person.

Navigating the Expense of Prescription Drugs

U.S. consumers pay twice as much on prescriptions than other developed countries—and those costs add up quickly for people facing chronic illness. It’s no wonder that one in four Americans struggles to cover the cost of their medication.

With family caregivers paying over $7,000 of their own money on their loved one’s care each year, cutting costs becomes even more of a priority.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways family caregivers can access discounted prescriptions.

How Can Caregivers Save on Prescriptions?

No one wants to spend money if they don’t have to. Here are some tips for family caregivers looking for cost saving tips on prescription medications:

  • Request a 90-day supply

Many insurance companies offer a discount for purchasing several months of medication at once, as this lowers their administrative costs. It’ll also save you and your loved one time and money by reducing the number of times you have to go to the pharmacy.

  • Opt for generic medications

Generic medications are just as effective as brand-name drugs—only they are much less expensive. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), generic drugs can save patients between 30% and 80% on their prescription costs. Ask your loved one's doctor if you can get a generic option for their medication, and keep your bank account in good shape.

  • Check out retailers’ discount programs

A number of retail giants offer discount programs for prescription medications. Walmart, for instance, has a $4 prescription program for a 30-day supply of certain generic medications. Target and Costco offer similar programs. Check with your favorite local retailer and see what kind of program they might have.

  • Ask your local pharmacy for a discount

Be sure to ask your pharmacist about discounts and loyalty programs. While franchises like Walgreens and CVS typically have fixed pricing, community pharmacies may be more flexible. And even chain pharmacies tend to offer discounts for seniors, low-income people, and those with high prescription costs.

  • Use a free prescription savings card

Keep an eye out for free prescription savings cards, which can be used as a discount card at most pharmacies and deliver savings of up to 80%. GoodRx, SingleCare, and ScriptSave WellRx are just some examples of providers offering free prescription savings cards today.

  • Find a mail-order subscription program

Many insurance companies offer mail-order subscription programs, which offer substantial discounts on prescription costs. The idea here is to save you and your loved one money by delivering the medication directly to your doorstep. Most of these programs offer automatic refill reminders too.

Finally, reviewing your loved one’s insurance coverage can help you get the best price for their medications. Call their health insurance provider if you have questions.

Other Discount Programs for Caregivers

Programs like Meals on Wheels are a wonderful way for patients and family caregivers to save money on warm food.

Then, for caregivers who can’t always oversee their loved one’s transportation, there are transit services available.

And finally, The Caregiver’s Hub on Amazon has compiled a vital list of services and medical supplies for caregivers. From house cleaning to furniture assembly, you and your family member have tons of options for a reasonable price.

If you’re curious about how to save money on prescriptions and other services, please know that Aidaly is here for you. Continue saving money by looking into family caregiver compensation today.

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