How To Get Paid as a Family Caregiver in Massachusetts

Written by Graham Sayre
December 17, 2022

Summary of Statistics

0.8 million


$12 billion

Value of Care
$1,396 - $2,792
Monthly Rate

Are you a caregiver in Massachusetts looking to get paid for your work? You might be eligible to receive compensation! With Aidaly, you can get paid for being a caregiver in Massachusetts by tapping into our numerous resources. 

We provide the tools and resources to help you submit your claims and receive payment in a timely manner. Being a caregiver in Massachusetts can be a rewarding and challenging experience. We want to make sure you get the recognition and compensation you deserve for your hard work.

Read on to learn more about how you can get paid for being a family caregiver in Massachusetts.

Tax Benefits

Most people are taxpayers, so the government will often give financial assistance by helping out with taxes. Unless you know what you’re entitled to, or work with someone who does, you may miss out.

Massachusetts caregivers may be eligible for three tax benefits that can save you money. Find out more about each one below. 

The Child Tax Credit and Tax Credit for Other Dependents

People who claim their children or other dependents on their federal tax return can receive up to $2,000 for each qualified dependent. This credit is fully refundable, which means that you can get the money even if you owe no taxes. To receive the credit, you must meet certain income requirements. Learn more here

The Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit

If you paid someone to care for your dependent while you were at work, or while you were looking for work, you can get money back even if you owe no taxes. Up to $8,000 of what you paid for daycare, day camps, babysitting, adult day programs, or caregiving while you were working or looking for work can be claimed. Learn more here

Medical and Dental Expenses Tax Deductions

If you spent more than 7.5% of your adjusted gross income (AGI) on medical or dental expenses that weren’t paid back by your insurance, you can deduct that money from your taxable income and owe less on your taxes. You can count any money you spent on eligible expenses for yourself, your spouse, and your dependents, so it can add up quickly. Learn more here

Veterans Benefits

Are you a Veteran or a Veteran’s surviving spouse living in Massachusetts? You may be eligible for benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). VA benefits can provide financial help to those who served, their families, and survivors. Learn more about these benefits here

Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers (PCAFC)

If you are caring for eligible veterans who sustained serious injury or illness in the line of duty, you may be able to receive a range of benefits including a monthly payment, health care insurance, counseling, and reimbursement for traveling to the Veteran’s appointments. Caregivers can receive the last two of these benefits. Read more about this here

VA health care benefits are also available to Veterans who qualify. These include inpatient and outpatient medical services, prescription drugs, mental health treatment, home health care, hospice care, and more. Eligibility for health benefits depends on many factors, such as type of discharge, length of service, and VA disability rating. 

If you are a Veteran or surviving spouse in Massachusetts, contact your local VA office to find out if you qualify for any Veterans’ benefits. They can help you understand what services and benefits you may be eligible for and help you get the assistance that you need. 

And for more information about Veterans’ benefits, visit the Department of Veterans Affairs website or contact your local VA office. With their help, you can find out if you are eligible for any assistance and take full advantage of all the services available to Massachusetts veterans and their loved ones. 

By taking advantage of the available Veteran benefits and other assistance programs in Massachusetts, you can ensure that you are properly compensated for your time and effort as a caregiver. With the help of Aidaly, you can get paid for being a caregiver and make sure your family gets the care they need.

Aidaly makes it easier for caregivers to get paid for the work they do in Massachusetts. It’s an easy way to quickly and securely receive payments and make sure you are receiving the compensation you deserve. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Aidaly can make your life as a caregiver in Massachusetts easier and help you get paid for the work you do.

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