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5 Practical Apps for Family Caregivers

Discover practical apps to ease your family caregiving responsibilities.

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Caring for an aging loved one can be stressful and overwhelming. You need all the help you can get to balance caregiving and leisure time for yourself. Check out these helpful caregiving apps to help you become more organized and ensure the needs of your loved ones are taken care of.

1. Caring Village

The Caring Village app lets you better organize your to-do list, create a weekly or daily schedule, upload medical histories and other important documents from anywhere, coordinate schedules to ensure medical appointments aren't missed and effectively communicate with the right people. Should you hire additional help, the app also lets you share medication reminders and a to-do list. Most importantly, you get to also share your progress with family members or with your inner circle.

2. Medisafe

For family caregivers, managing or administering medications should be given top priority. You don't have to worry about medication management with the Medisafe app. It lets you easily track your loved ones' doses in one place. The app is also equipped with a tracker to help you track your loved ones' progress. You can record their glucose levels, blood pressure readings and their weight. It also provides information about possible side effects of medications so that you stay alert.

3. PainScale

The Painscale app is a useful tool for knowing the pain triggers, tracking pain levels and evaluating the effectiveness of the medications given. You can also use the app in communicating to healthcare providers what they need to know about your loved ones' pain triggers.

4. iana Care

ianacare is an integrated platform for family caregivers that organizes and mobilizes all the layers of support. Coordinate help with friends & family, utilize employer benefits, discover local resources, and get personalized guidance from a Caregiver Navigator. Family caregivers can stay organized with a care calendar, and ask for and receive help directly from the app.

5. First Aid: American Red Cross

As a family caregiver, one of your primary responsibilities is to ensure the safety of your loved ones, especially during emergencies. Knowing how to handle common first-aid emergencies can be a life-saving skill and can help your loved ones. American Red Cross First Aid app also helps you locate the nearest medical facilities or even call 911 in case you need more help. With this app, you'll be able to access helpful videos, quizzes and step-by-step guides to stay informed.

Senior living may be challenging to some family caregivers but it doesn't have to be. Download the apps recommended above to make respite care or caregiving a lot easier for you. If you're a professional caregiver and helping other families, contact us if you need assistance with getting paid. Feel free to get in touch if you have more questions.

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